Thank you for your interest in the Sacramento Sport Crew. This page gives you a brief overview about our Crew without lots of boring details. However, if you want more details, explore the rest of the site or just ask! We love to share and have nothing to hide.

We are a co-ed Venturing Crew affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America and a Level 2 Club affiliate with the Amateur Athletic Union. Being a member of both organizations allows us to participate in high-adventure activities as well as participate in and hold athletic competitions. Currently, we focus on the sport of wrestling, as well as activities like camping, hiking, fishing, archery and shooting sports.

Our high-adventure Venturing activities are for youth and young adults who are 14 (or graduates of 8th grade who are at least 13) through 20 years old. Adults who age-out as participants and family members can be active with the Crew in various leadership roles. In the future, we may add junior members as young as 6th grade to our AAU club program.

We serve youth in high school programs during the off-season, as well as youth enrolled in charter schools and home schooling who are interested in wrestling but are not able to compete in CIF-sanctioned events. Through our AAU, USA Wrestling, and SCWAY affiliations, our members who choose also to enroll in those national and state organizations are able to compete in local, regional, state, and (if good enough!) national tournaments.

The Venturing program helps to round out our athletes by giving them incredible opportunities to gain leadership, outdoorsmanship, first aid and basic survival skills. The built-in advancement program has a level of rigor comparable to the BSA Eagle Scout rank, and there are many scholarships and opportunities available to Venturing Scouts who earn the Summit Award. The BSA also operates many amazing camps and high-adventure reserves where Scouts who want to push themselves can undertake amazing adventures. Adults, too, have opportunities to go on adventures and participate in world-class leadership training that may count for continuing educations units or help with advancement in their jobs. The Sacramento Sport Crew is a unique and multi-faceted program that is designed to help your son, your daughter, and you grow as an individual, improve as an athlete, and live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Find out more today, and then join the Crew!