Get Your CA Campfire Permit

Did you know that in California, you need to have a permit in order to have a campfire or operate a portable gas stove (including propane/butane) on public lands? Well, you do now!

Fortunately, it is quick, easy, and completely free to get yours. Just go to:

All you have to do is watch a short 2-1/2 minute video, answer a simple 8 question quiz, and sign a simple agreement. You can download and print your campfire permit immediately.

It is good for the entire calendar year (renew it annually). You must have it with you every time you have a fire or operate a portable gas stove on public lands. If you do not, the fines can add up quickly.

Will Murray (Willscrlt)

Founder of the Sacramento Sport Crew. Founding Crew Advisor of BSA Venturing Crew 524. Organizer of the AAU, USA Wrestling, and SCWAY affiliated clubs. Trained and nationally certified coach. Trained and certified in First Aid and Adult and Pediatric CPR and AED. Uncle to Gabe, Ryan, and Olivia. I own over 100 board, card, party, and role-playing games.


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