Just the FAQs

This page should help answer most of the Frequently Asked Questions that we receive, but please contact us if there is anything you still have a question about. On this page are answers to these questions:

What is the Sacramento Sport Crew?

The SSC is a co-ed BSA Venturing Crew and AAU Sport Club based in the Natomas area of Sacramento, California. We also are affiliated with USA Wrestling and SCWAY. We are a new group still getting started, but we are growing quickly.

Our unit number, 524, is the year (B.C.E.) that the most famous ancient Greek wrestler, Milon of Croton,  won his record-setting sixth wrestling championship of the Ancient Olympic Games.

What kinds of things can the Crew do?

For more details, see:
What Can I Do in the Sacramento Sport Crew?

In Venturing, adults do not lead or direct. They simply advise. They are called Advisors.

The youth and young adult leaders, or Venturers as they are called, lead the meetings, plan the outings and make all decisions about the Crew’s direction. This challenges each young person to learn and apply leadership skills — experience that will prepare them for careers down the road.

Venturers work alongside Advisors to get the best out of their program and to design a program that meets their needs including activities like:

  • Adventure Activities – archery, bike riding, boating, camping, canoeing, canyoning, caving, hiking, rock climbing, sailing, SCUBA diving, shooting sports, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing.
  • Personal Interests – amateur radio, cooking, earn your faith’s religious emblem award, exercise, personal fitness, first aid, fishing, photography, protect the environment, surf the Internet, and wilderness and urban survival skills.
  • Social Activities – dancing, geocaching, ice skating, mini golf, movie nights, photo safaris, scavenger hunts, and ten pin bowling.
  • Community Involvement – assist with local community events, help out with younger Scouting units, perform community service, practice Leave No Trace, visit hospitals and senior centers.
  • Venture – The local district and council put on several Venturing-only events during the year that are more exciting than what a typical Boy Scout is allowed to do. However, the ultimate adventure for a Venturer is to travel cross-country or even overseas to a High Adventure camp, a jamboree, or just tour a place that the Crew wants to explore!

What ages are your members?

At this time, we accept youth participants who are at least 14 years (or 13 and graduated from the 8th grade) through 17 years of age. Adult participants are ages 18 through 20 years.
From 21 on, members become part of the leadership of the Crew, helping to advise and mentor the younger participants.
In the future, we may add junior members as young as 6th grade to our AAU Club program.

How does this work with school athletics?

First of all, the Venturing side of the Crew has no bearing on school, and school has no bearing on it. Just as with any Boy Scout or Girl Scout program, you are free to join Venturing regardless of any (or no) school affiliation.

If you are on, or thinking about joining, a California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) sanctioned athletic team at your school, you need to be aware that during certain times of the year, you may not participate in club sport activities. You must exclusively train and compete with your school team or you will lose your eligibility to compete in CIF tournaments or sports. We can help you figure out the exclusion dates and navigate this potential pitfall. However, during the off-season (assuming that you are off of all CIF sports at that time), you can practice and compete in club sports, and it serves as a great way to improve your in-season performance.

Likewise, if you are a college student and are part of a college team, there are similar rules and exclusions. We will help you with that situation as well.

If you are younger than high school age, home schooled, attend a charter school or other non-CIF school, or are not interested in competing in any CIF sports or competitions, then there is no conflict, and club sports, such as SSC, are a perfect option for you.

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, extracurricular activities, like sports and Scouting, are not cheap. They are not cheap to operate, and they are not cheap to join. That being said, we try to keep costs as low as possible while still providing a quality program for our members

Currently, we do not charge separate Crew membership dues. You just pay dues to the national or regional organization(s), and then you let them know you wish to be affiliated with our Crew.

In order to participate in the high-adventure activities of the Crew, you need to be a current member of the BSA and meet their requirements for membership. Dues are $33 per calendar year. If you join after January, dues are prorated $2.75 per month. We collect BSA dues in September for the following year, but they are refundable until November 1st.

To train, practice, compete with, and receive coaching in a sport with our Crew, you need an “Enhanced” AAU membership (also called A/B membership). AAU dues vary between $16 and $29 per year depending on your age and status. This includes the insurance that we require in order to join us. Please see the AAU membership page for prices and more information.

USA Wrestling and SCWAY are national and regional associations that sanction a number of events around the state. If you are wrestling competitively, we recommend adding a USA Wrestling membership ($50 per year), an SCWAY membership ($32 per year), or both in order to maximize the number of high-quality wrestling events in which you will be eligible to compete.

In addition, there are various costs associated with events. For wrestling, there are entry fees, usually snacks are available, and you might want to purchase memorabilia (t-shirts, patches, etc.). For camping, hiking, and high adventure activities, there may be entry fees and some specialized gear (tents, sleeping bags, hiking boots, etc.) that will be helpful to purchase as you continue in the program; however, many of the families in the Crew have some equipment that can be shared or loaned until you can purchase your own. Also, there are uniforms, which are covered in the next FAQ.

What are the uniforms?

Athletic uniforms vary by sport. For wrestling, wrestling shoes should be purchased as soon as possible, and all youth must wear protective headgear (and braces require a mouth guard). For adults, headgear is recommended, too. Workout shorts and a t-shirt complete the minimum wrestling “uniform” required for practices. In competition, a team singlet should be worn.

Venturing Scouts have both a “field” uniform (also referred to as a “dress” uniform or a “Class A” uniform) and a “work” uniform (or “Class B” uniform).

The work uniform is what we wear most of the time, and it is the first one you should purchase. It is comprised of a Crew t-shirt and your choice of solid or camouflage-patterned charcoal-gray pants, jeans, or shorts (depending on the weather).

The field uniform is comprised of the official BSA Venturing green shirt (along with all your patches identifying awards and ranks that you have earned), a neckerchief and slide, the Venturing-specific belt, and an approved BSA hat. There are official gray pants that convert into shorts available, but we do not require them. You can wear nice looking solid-color charcoal-gray pants or shorts that look similar. The entire field uniform can cost around $80-150 depending on if you sew your own patches on or have the Scout Shop sew them for you, and if you purchase the official pants or not.

The field uniform is needed for some fundraisers (where we are expected to be in a “proper” uniform) and at many events where other Scouts are present. However, you do not need to purchase it immediately or all at one time. The Scout Shop often runs promotions around the end of summer/start of school where they discount the official pants if you purchase the rest of the uniform at the same time.