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Welcome to our forms and other documents library. In some cases, forms can be printed out and returned to the Crew in person, but in many other cases, you must complete the form online. On this page you will find:

  • Registration
  • New Members Information
  • Renewal Information
  • Health, Medical, and Clearance Forms
  • Insurance Information
  • Insurance Claims
  • Miscellaneous Information


You need to complete and submit most, if not all, of the following items in order to join our Crew. Be sure to check each item’s notes to see if it applies to you and for tips on filling out the forms.


BSA Venturing Crew Application
The Youth Application is REQUIRED for all participants who are at least 14 years old, or who are 13 and graduated from the 8th grade, but not yet 18 years.
The Adult Application is REQUIRED for everyone who is 18 years or older. It is required of all Adult Participants (18-20 years), Adult Leaders (21+), family members who intend to be around participants during practices or events, chaperones, drivers, Crew committee members, advisors, coaches, officials, and all other adult volunteers.

Paper or on-line? Multi-part carbonless paper forms are available for free from a Crew committee member at most meetings. However, you may download the online version, fill it out, and print three copies (one will be returned to you after it is signed) if you prefer.

BSA national membership dues can be paid in person or online. When you register, you are charged $2.75 per month through December. If you register after August 31st, you must pay the next year’s dues (12x$2.75=$33 for January through December of the next year) to the Crew as well. You have until October 31st to cancel your renewal and request a refund of the next year’s dues. Other than that, all membership dues are non-refundable.

Boys’ Life subscription: All families with a BSA Youth Member are expected to subscribe to this useful and informative magazine. However, if you already have a youth member in your household who receives it, then an additional subscription is optional.

YPT Completion Certificate Attached: All adults (18+) must complete the mandatory Youth Protection Training provided by the BSA. At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate of completion. Print that out, include a copy with your Adult Application, and check the box on the form.

Membership Number: If you have already completed your online Youth Protection Training (YPT) and been issued a national BSA membership number, please include it where indicated. Otherwise, you will end up with two registrations, which will delay your registration and create a lot of extra work.

Social Security Number: This information is required in order for the BSA to be able to complete your background check. All adult applicants must provide their SSN in order for their application to be accepted.

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Membership Application
Youth Athlete Membership is REQUIRED for all youth participants (anyone under 18) in the Crew.
Non-Athlete or Adult Athlete Membership is REQUIRED for all adults (anyone 18 or older) in the Crew.
Our Club Code is WY8C6B. You will need that code in order to associate yourself with our Crew. Be sure that the club name of “Sacramento Sport Crew” appears on your application.

We REQUIRE Extended Coverage memberships. The extra $2–5 you pay provides significant insurance coverage for our Crew, our facilities, and our competitions. If you already have an AAU Basic membership, you can call the AAU and pay the difference to upgrade to Extended Coverage.

Type of Membership: We are a “Youth Program” since we have youth members. Please select that option even if you are no longer a youth yourself.

Sport (youth): We are registered as a “Wrestling” club. If you are a youth, your membership is automatically “multi-sport”, meaning that you can play any sport regardless of what you select here; please select “wrestling” unless you have a compelling reason not to.

Sport (adult athletes): We are registered as a “Wrestling” club. For adult athletes, membership is per sport, and the sport you select determines the cost of your membership. Please see this page for the list of prices. If you will be wrestling with us, either in practice or in competitions, you need to select “wrestling”.

Sport (non-athletes): Non-athletes (including coaches and officials) are charged a flat-rate for membership, so just select “wrestling” unless you have a compelling reason not to.

Social Security Number: This information is required in order for the AAU to be able to complete your background check. All adult applicants must provide their SSN in order for their application to be accepted.

AAU national membership dues must be paid in full at the time of registration. They are not prorated and run from September 1 to August 31 every year. All membership dues are non-refundable.

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