Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

[AAU USA Logo: Amateur Athletic Union: Sports for all, forever.]

Sacramento Sport Crew (SSC) is registered with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) as a Level 2 Club. Our Club Code is WY8C6B. You will need that code to link your AAU account to our club.

Since 1888, the AAU has been organizing and overseeing amateur athletics across the United States. It is one of the largest sport organizations around. It also provides our Crew, our members, and our events with insurance (something that is essential in today’s society). In order to be covered by their insurance, all members (youth and adult participants and adult leaders) of the Sacramento Sport Crew are required to be members of the AAU in addition to the Boy Scouts of America. The AAU membership fee is bundled into the SSC annual membership dues. If you purchased an AAU Extended Coverage (AB) Membership separately, you can deduct the full amount of your AAU fees from your SSC dues. However, if you only paid for the basic (non-AB) membership, you will need to pay the $2 upgrade for Extended Coverage.

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